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After doing this work for over 22 years (since 1994), and having studied a good dose of science, I knew this work was changing the brain for the better. I have my own personal evidence, thousands of case studies and a ton of anecdotal evidence. For years, I was interested in finding a neuroscience researcher who was interested, willing and able to engage in a collaboration to explore if there was “hard scientific evidence” that supported my “gut knowing.”

And I found him! I met him first when he was the endnote speaker at an International Enneagram conference. Dario Nardi introduced himself as — guess what — a neuroscience researcher interested in personality and how the personalty effects the brain! It was hard to sit in my chair; I wanted to jump for joy. We had a conversation after his talk, and again over lunch when I was in California. And then we spoke again when we were both presenting at the International Enneagram conference in Madrid.


I attended his workshop which confirmed my interest in working with him. And he attended my workshop. Afterwards, he was “all in!” He had an experience that healed an old wound, and said to me, “This stuff works!” We started our collaboration a few months later.

We talked about the project in two of our radio shows (description and links below), and he wrote about it in his lastest book, Our Brains in Color, which you can get by clicking here.

The Two Radio Shows with Dario Nardi

Interviewed by Andrea Isaacs

EnneaMotion Into the Brain Lab: Part 1 - Uniting EnneaMotion and Science

Yes, we will bring EnneaMotion and Somatic Focusing to Dario Nardi’s Brain Lab. We will literally see what difference this work has on the brain. Dario has conducted hands-on neuroscience research focusing on practical applications to personality, coaching, counseling, educating and leading. He asks subjects to try a wide variety of tasks–from math and music to story-telling, over the course of 2-3 hours. Now we’re bringing EnneaMotion and Somatic Focusing into the lab.

Listen to Part 1 - Uniting EnneaMotion and Science

EnneaMotion into the Brain Lab: Part 2 - Results!

We gathered together some who knew and had experienced my work, and others who were “naive” subjects, in Dario Nardi’s brain lab a couple of weeks ago. The plan was to find out if and how EnneaMotion and Somatic Focusing changed the brain.

After collecting enough information to determine a baseline, I did some EnneaMotion activities and then a more personal coaching session with Somatic Focusing. I’m not the only one delighted with the results!

There was a most remarkable, and not surprising to me, finding that the more multi-sensory the activity, that is, the more I included the body, movement and — a reminder when concluding the coaching session, to feel the new, desirable state “in every cell of your body,” the more the brain achieved an “associative” state, or an alpha state. This is the state representing pleasure, happiness, and a brain open to receiving.

It was great to see the red bars, representing blasts of insight and openness to learning. We also saw what could be called “wholeness and inner peace” in the brain. We’re excited enough about our results to continue our research project.

Listen to our discussion and hear more about our experience in the brain lab!

Listen to Part 2 - Results!

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